Frequently Asked Questions About Cool Beans Indoor Playground and Cafe

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Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe is a fun, safe place for kids to expend some energy. For parents, it’s also a great way to see your kids have fun without spending a fortune on activities for the day. Many Read more

6 Fun Events to Choose from That Every Child Will Love


If you’re looking for fun activities that your child will enjoy, then look no further than Cool Beans Playground & Cafe. Here at Cool Beans, we offer a huge variety of fun activities and events such as arts and crafts for Read more

5 Food Options to Consider When Hosting a Party at Cool Beans

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Hosting a child’s birthday party isn’t exactly like having a dinner party for your adult friends and family members. The fact is that kids are a lot pickier when it comes to food, and the same time, a whole lot Read more

Affordable, Fun, and Interactive: Everything You Want in an Indoor Playground!

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Parents are always looking for a more affordable way to make sure their kids have a lot of fun. At the same time, you probably also want a really safe environment for your kids that gives them the chance to Read more

5 Must-Haves for a Fantastic Birthday Party

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Planning the perfect birthday party for a child, whether they’re six months old or six years old, can be challenging for many parents. In fact, even getting all the details in order so you’re not buying a cake at the Read more

Don’t Let School Slow Your Kids Down! 3 Back to School Hacks That Keep Kids Entertained All Year Round

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School has a way of taking up your kid’s time even after the school bell has rung. If you’re not mindful, your child could get burned out on homework and not want to do anything except veg out in front of Read more

4 Reasons Why Hosting a Back-to-School Party at Cool Beans Will Gear Kids Up for the New School Year

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Anyone who has had to wake kids up before 7 A.M. in time for the morning bus or school commute can probably intuit their kids’ back-to-school enthusiasm levels. You might be ready to go after your second cup of coffee, but they’re Read more

5 Florida Family Activities Just as Fun for Kids as They Are Adults

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As a parent, you know why family time is important. Time spent together helps strengthen the bond between parents and children, and it’s a chance to create memories and start building family traditions. Planning fun activities that appeal to everyone Read more

9 Things to Look for in a Great Indoor Playground

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Indoor playgrounds solve a huge problem for parents. When the weather outside is bad, your kids can still have a great time inside. They can run around, jump and play, and expend some of that endless energy that kids always have. Read more

Indoor Activities for Kids and Other Ways to Protect Kids from the Florida Sun

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As we all know, the Florida sun can be brutal during the summer time, and no matter how much sunscreen you lather on your kids, the only real protection is by keeping them indoors. That may be a problem especially Read more

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