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Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe is proud of our history of contributing to the communities by supporting programs investing in education, children and non-profit service.If you would like information regarding our donation policy / requests, see below:

Donation Request / Policy:

Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe is happy to contribute to those programs within the communities of our locations that invest in education, our children’s well-being and those organizations serving disadvantaged areas. It is not the policy of Cool Beans to make monetary contributions but will consider donations of passes used for auctions or fundraisers for the benefit of those programs as outlined.

All requests must be in writing on the letterhead of the organization/program making the request. The request should be mailed to the attention of – Donations Department.

Cool Beans Indoor Playground & Cafe
11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue
Suite 3115
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

All requests must include the following information:

  • Written on letterhead of requesting organization/program
  • Reason for request i.e. fundraiser, auction
  • Date of the event
  • Time frame donation is needed by
  • Signed by head of organization/program including phone number 
and mailing address
  • Request must be made at least 30 days prior to the event date

Fax requests will be accepted provided they are as outlined above. 
Fax Number 561-627-1783

Only one request every six months per organization/program will be considered. The requesting group will be notified of approval or non-approval. No requests by phone call or email will be accepted.

Cool Beans reserves the right to change/modify or eliminate its current donation criteria at any time without serving notice of the change. Cool Beans also reserves the right at its own discretion to pursue donation avenues outside the scope outlined and listed above.

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