Party Planning Guide

happy birthday dinasaursJust like a great team needs a memorable mascot, your next kids’ party can all come together with the right theme. It’s really important to nail the theme for your kid’s birthday party because the memories will last a lifetime.

Deciding on the theme early on in the party planning process is important because your theme is likely going to impact most, or all, of the party planning decisions that come later on including invitations, decorations, and perhaps even activities.

As examples, let’s say that you pick a pirate theme for a boy’s birthday party or a princess theme for a girl’s party.

That’s going to affect everything from the kinds of invitations you send out to parents, the design on the cake, the kinds of fun activities the day of the party at Cool Beans, and even the party favors, decorations and goodie bags that make the rounds at the end.

Picking the Right Theme

The “right” theme is going to vary based on things such as your child’s interests or what is popular among your child’s age group. Themes can vary from princesses to superheroes to ladybugs and anything in between. When in doubt, just ask your child!

Cool Beans can accommodate almost any theme that you can think up. Sometimes parents can narrow down their kid’s theme based on a favorite subject in school, sports and clubs that your kids electively sign up for, or the kinds of books that s/he checks out at the library.

Picking the right theme is all about noticing what kids are really passionate about and where they spend the majority of their time if given the choice.

If playing baseball with friends, reading about dinosaurs or playing dress up takes up a good chunk of your kid’s free time, then there’s a good chance you’ve already landed on the perfect theme!

Sending Out the Invites

There are websites out there that allow you to create boys’ and girls’ birthday party or back-to-school party invitations based on templates and popular, cool designs.

These websites even allow you to search for party templates based on the occasion (e.g., kindergarten graduation or birthday parties for young girls) so that you can spend more of your time thinking about things like food, entertainment, seating and decorations rather than designing invitations from scratch.

kids party invites

Just make sure that you match the theme to the invitations and get all the vital information in one place—the who, what, when and where. Example: “Tony’s Turning 5! Party’s at Cool Beans! Arrive at 4 P.M. and come prepared to have a great time!”.

Party Favors, Decorations, and Party Entertainment

Party supplies are an absolutely must-have item for your next birthday party. You can find deals online for great decorations or even visit a party store for party favors that best match your theme.

It’s important to put some thought early on to whether you want your kid’s birthday party to be a costume party and, if so, you really should indicate that on the invitations or have costumes ready on the day of.

Most party supply stores can provide streamers and balloons that match your theme colors and you can count on Cool Beans for food catering, age-appropriate fun activities, and an unforgettable great time!

Interested in learning more about how your child can have a great birthday party at Cool Beans? Contact us and find out how you can book a party today!


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