5 Food Options to Consider When Hosting a Party at Cool Beans

Hosting a child’s birthday party isn’t exactly like having a dinner party for your adult friends and family members. The fact is that kids are a lot pickier when it comes to food, and the same time, a whole lot less interested in sitting down for a meal.

If you’re planning a birthday party at Cool Beans, you’re likely going to need to include food for the kids attending. What to pick isn’t always an easy choice.

Keep reading to learn more about five food options to consider when hosting a birthday party at Cool Beans.

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Birthday Party Ideas:

1. Pizza

When it comes to birthday party ideas and food for kids, pizza is at the top of almost everyone’s list. While it may not be the healthiest option available, it is something that pretty much every kid at the party will eat and enjoy.

Best of all, you can get a variety of different pizzas so that dietary concerns for parents and kids are met. From vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, you can find almost any style of pizza out there these days.

Pizza is also cost-effective and quick for kids to eat so they can get back to playing.

2. Sandwiches

Like pizza, sandwiches are quick and easy to prepare in a variety of different styles. If you want a slightly healthier option, this may be the way to go.

Sandwiches can also be served in a variety of sizes or by the half to avoid excessive food waste. After all, you never know how much some kids are going to eat, especially during an event like a birthday party.

3. Snacks

If you’re having a birthday party that lasts just a few hours, or you’re having an all-day event, snacks are important to have on hand for kids. Ideally, you should have a few different options on hand for kids to enjoy.

Healthy snacks like carrot sticks, celery, dips and hummus are always excellent. Other more fun options like crackers, mild cheeses and potato chips can also work well for birthday parties.

4. Cake

There’s almost no such thing as a birthday party for kids without cake! Even if you’re only having a short event with a few close friends, cake is one of those birthday party ideas that is a must.

Go ahead and pick your child’s favorite type of cake, but consider having a backup for bigger events. For example, a plain white or vanilla cake can be great to have on hand when you’re dealing with younger, potentially picky kids.

5. Cupcakes

While a traditional cake that’s cut into slices is the most common for a child’s birthday party, many parents are going for cupcakes instead these days. Smaller in portion size and easy to distribute, kids can quickly eat their cupcakes and get back to playing. That makes them excellent for very young kids with short attention spans.

When you choose cupcakes over a larger cake, you can also pick multiple flavors so kids have choices. Leftovers are also a lot easier to transport home or send away with parents when they come to pick up their kids.

Finding birthday party ideas for kids isn’t exactly rocket science, but as a parent, you have to be in charge of the details. Don’t let the food overwhelm you.

Choose any of these options, or include a few of your favorites, and enjoy the day with your kids. The memories will last a lot longer than the short-term stress of planning a birthday party.

For more ideas about how you can plan a great birthday party for your child whether it’s for a small group or a large event, visit our website today!

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