Affordable, Fun, and Interactive: Everything You Want in an Indoor Playground!

Parents are always looking for a more affordable way to make sure their kids have a lot of fun. At the same time, you probably also want a really safe environment for your kids that gives them the chance to explore and tap into their creative side. What you want is a great place to find fun for kids!

Affordable, fun and interactive entertainment that keeps kids engaged and gives you the chance to relax…is that even possible?

It might sound too good to be true but interactive playgrounds like Cool Beans cater to a bunch of different ages and offer supervised play, feature fun yet educational events, and offer age-appropriate classes for children and toddlers geared around things they’re already interested in. 

So, Cool Beans can be a place to take the kids on a day off from school, after school or over the weekends as well as the place to be for classes, events and even parties. Cool Beans offers all of that plus catering and an on-site cafe. 

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Cool Beans: Everything You Want in an Indoor Playground 

Cool Beans indoor playground features trampolines, ball pits and slides and is designed to be stimulating for toddlers and children and an oasis for parents and guardians. Parents can hang out and supervise from just off the sidelines or grab a coffee, tea or snack at Cool Beans cafe

Cool Beans offers very affordable daily admission fees and discounts for siblings. The nice thing is that the more times you go, the more that you’ll probably end up saving since Cool Beans offers monthly and yearly rates that really mount up savings. The more times you go, the more you save! 

What do the critics and kids themselves say? Cool Beans was rated the most loved playground in 2015 by hulafrog and given a Gold Daisy award by kids and their parents. The Gold Daisy award was given to Cool Beans for being the #1 place for indoor fun for little kids. That tells you just about everything you need to know. 

Fun for Kids: Two Rules at Cool Beans 

It’s all fun and games but there are two rules at Cool Beans – wear socks and have fun! Cool Beans offers an indoor playground with an inflatable slide, ground-level trampoline, and infant crawler area for really young ones. Your kids are definitely going to have a great time. 

In fact, the reviews for Cool Beans are in and parents rave that Cool Beans is a “great place. Lots of fun and entertainment for very small children all the way up to older kids!” (Sina writes) and “Cool Beans was awesome” (Vanessa adds). On top of fun, Cool Beans is a terrific value. 

For the price of a movie, your kids can get all-day access to all that Cool Beans has to offer. Aside from the inflatable slide and ground-level trampoline, Cool Beans offers a few unique things that are totally safe, stimulating and designed to spark your kids’ imagination. 

A Creative, Stimulating Environment 

One of those stimulating, creative things is Cool Beans’ pretend town. This lets kids dream up different scenarios and play them out with their friends.

Maybe one day they’ll play grownups checking out groceries, taking out a loan or taking a leisurely stroll down main street. The sky’s the limit. 

Costumes, super fun games and stimulating puzzles are all offered by Cool Beans’ staff and give kids the chance to have all out fun in the indoor playground one minute and use their noggins the next.

Remember that Cool Beans also has classes and caters to a huge age range. And, by the way, Cool Beans can also cater your next party! Find out why Cool Beans is a great place for fun for kids!

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At COOL BEANS we have only two rules: wear Socks and Have Fun!™
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