Kids Birthday Party Themes

The first place to start when planning your kid’s birthday party is choosing the party theme.

When selecting a theme, guide your choice by asking yourself what your child would like – do they have a favorite cartoon character, interest or dream that would make a fun party theme?

Each party theme includes birthday party invitations, decorations, games, activities, food, and goody bags.

Use these fun and unique birthday party ideas to get the party started!

Construction Theme Party

Is your child an aspiring civil engineer? This construction themed party will get them excited.

Ladybug Theme Party

Colorful and bright, these happy creatures will get the party going.

Rockstar Theme

We will, we will, rock it! Are you a rock addict who's siblings are already picking up the rock vibe? This is the perfect party.

Rockstar Diva Theme

If your little rocker has a more Diva streak this is the birthday for her.

Pirate Boy Theme

Arrrg! All aboard, we're about to set off on our looting journey. Your boy will love this adventurous party theme.

Pink Pirate

Who says girls don't like being pirates? This one off party theme will bring joy to both girls and boys and create great memories.

Dinosaur Theme

JourneyBack in time with this dinosaur party.

Princess Theme

Your little princess deserves a fairy tale birthday party. With our princess theme, your child will enjoy a birthday they will remember.

Little Dino Theme

Love dinasaurs? Who doesn't. This is an almost universal kids party theme which works for both boys and girls.

first birthday party

First Birthday Theme

What an exciting event - your kid's first birthday! We've got just the theme to make this special event a memorable one.

Cool Beans also provides other exciting themes like: Tea Party, Rockstar Diva, Pirate Girl, Under the Sea and others. If you don't see your prefered birthday party theme, please contact us.

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